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The Ultimate Guide on how to end the year in style at Seychelles

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Looking for someplace warm to be this holiday season? by your fireplace might not be your only option! Picture a sunny white-sanded Christmas and New Year, isn’t it just the perfect getaway? A sunny Seychellois festive season is undoubtedly something that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Seychelles is the ideal place to be because the island transforms into a winter wonderland, minus the snow of course. You may not be able to build a snowman but what you can do is build a ‘sandman’ with sunglasses on and coconuts for feet. Throw a Christmas hat on and voila you have a sunny tropical snowman sheltered by palm trees.

If you ever wondered what tropical heaven would look like, the answer to that would be Seychelles. Just look at the pictures here, it looks absolutely unreal and straight out of a dream. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 beautiful islands off the east coast of Africa and spread across the Indian Ocean. The combination of lush tropical forests, granite mountains, immaculate beaches, crystal blue water and a well-oiled tourism industry is what makes Seychelles an unmatched destination for an island holiday.

Get ready to pack your beach bags and put your sun hats on, here's a complete guide to what Seychelles has to offer. Follow along to perfect the recipe for an unforgettable trip!


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1. Lounge by the Beach
If you want to experience otherworldly beaches with blue waters and soft white sands, framed by palm trees and dark granite rocks giving it an off-the-beaten-track vibe, Seychelles is the place for you.

2. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
The water here is warm and crystal clear, making it the ideal place to go diving or snorkelling as you can view the spectacular underwater world of fishes, corals, manta rays, turtles, and other sea life.

3. Zip Lining & Rock Climbing
Get your daily dose of adrenalin rush by witnessing the sweeping views of Seychelles and its magnificent islands from up above. Fuel your wanderlust by hiking up the scenic nature trail and observing rare wildlife in its natural habitat. On your way back down buzz through the forest canopy, flora and fauna by signing up for Ziplining.

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4. Vallée De Mai Tour
One of the renowned landmarks and must-visit places in Seychelles is the nature reserve and UNESCO heritage site, Vallée De Mai. It's not just home to unique flora and fauna but also Coco de Mer – the largest seed in the world! Get transported back in time to the ancient palm forests and witness the beauty of various endangered bird species like the black parrot, bulbul and others.

5. Victoria Bazaar
Serving as the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria is one of the smallest capitals in the world! Wander through the bazaars here to soak up the ambience and capture the full essence of the place by mingling with the local Seychellois. Small boutiques and stores in Victoria are abounding at this time of year and have it all from local souvenirs to delicious Creole food and drinks. Get your Christmas shopping in and take the opportunity to find some great offers.

6. Semi-Submarine Ride
Experience Seychelles not just above water but also below it. Discover the wonder of underwater in a semi-sub by going on a cruise into the heart of one of the oldest marine reserves in the Indian Ocean. Bear witness to a diverse range of marine life, corals, seaweed etc. If you're fortunate, you may even get to see a dolphin or a giant Aldabra tortoise!

Now for the final garnish to finish off what is to be the vacation of all vacations, stay at our luxurious private residence in Seychelles, . This villa is set within a private tropical garden and exudes a strong influence of contemporary European and Creole architecture with otherworldly views and postcard-worthy interiors. There is no better way to top off your perfect vacation than by experiencing our unmatched hospitality and amenities.

Even though it may seem like a unique place to be this holiday season, the festive spirit is ever the same. Seychelles offers a travel experience that stands out from the pack because the Seychellois definitely know how to party and bid the year adieu in style. So head to to book your festive getaway and end the year on a sunny bang.