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Niraamaya Retreat’s Executive Weight Loss Program: Shed Weight, Not Your Smile

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Set in the right backdrop with stress kept at bay, Niraamaya Retreat makes its executive weight loss program pleasurable to the body, mind, and palate at once.
How many times have you mixed your weight loss program with pleasure? Have you ever felt that checking into a retreat to shed weight for overall wellness means getting into serious, rigorous stuff?

Niraamaya Wellness Retreat’s Ayurveda executive weight loss program explodes many such myths. It's packages run into 7, 14 and 28 days, and are designed to not only make treatment of weight-linked disease enjoyable but to also ensure its long-lasting effect on health.

It’s scientific and personal

In doing so, it does not abandon the scientific process of Ayurveda. Sure enough, every individual weight-loss recipe is centered on the guest’s body constitution and health requirements. This is done after a thorough examination – Prakriti Pariksha – and understanding what will go into balancing that person’s body constitution.

This analysis is done by qualified and experienced Ayurveda physicians. Generally, a package is drawn up after a quick consultation between Dr. Arun Aravind, Head – Spa, Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam, Dr. Suchita of Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond, Kumarakom and Dr. Pyari Mohan of Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club at Thekkady.

Thereafter, they take charge of every aspect of the weight loss program – from massaging to steaming to diet to yoga to meditation. A daily 90-minute session covers all of this. You slip on any one of these, and the outcome will be less than 100%.

The result of the program also depends on its length. So, if you opt for a seven-day package, the maximum weight loss could be 2-3 kilogram (kg). The optimum or the best result is seen in the package stretching over 28 days. Done with sincerity, it can cut down your weight by 10 kg.

The crash or the intense packages are for those with a busy schedule. They do not do much beyond rejuvenation or detoxification of pores.

No starving or battling hunger

Now, let’s get into what is in store for you when you book for this program. One of the most important requirements is leaving your stress at the Niraamaya Retreat’s gate. Rest gets taken care of by the wellness retreat.

The therapies are not about starving yourself or killing your hunger; instead, they are about stabilising fat metabolism by rebalancing Kapha (all soft organs are made by Kapha). It helps in clearing up paths, choked with metabolic toxins, to allow free flow of energy in the body. This works well for correcting the imbalance between Doshas (three energies in the body whose imbalance can cause mental and physical disorders).

The initial part of the therapy involves extensive Udwarthanam and Swedanam (steam). Udwarthanam is body massage with dry herbal scrub powder and medicated water. Physicians liken it to the soaking of clothes before cleaning. This is a 90-minute ritual every day. However, timing may vary based on the analysis report of a guest.

For instance, a milder Udwarthanam may be applicable for someone with calcium deficiency or maybe completely skipped if a person is suffering from a bone problem. Swedanam – a form of steam therapy – opens up the pores and liquefies unwanted fats.

Besides these two, there are a host of other daily treatment lined up for the guest including Shiromardhanamh (head and shoulder massage), Abhyangasnana (conditioning warm oil massage to stimulate circulation), Gharshanam (herbal skin exfoliation), Detox Anti Cellulite (hot fomentation massage to loosen up fatty tissue), Aavikkizhy (herbal detox therapy by applying warmed bundles to sweat out the toxins), Kashaya Dhara (stimulates micro-circulation and encourages fat metabolism), Shirodhara (oil therapy for the head to de-stress and re-balance), Nasyam (nasal infusion therapy to cleanse the Kapha accumulation in the sinuses), Lepanam (herbal paste application for loosening up of fatty areas in the body), Snehapaanam (medicated ghee intake for internal oleation and detoxification) and Virechanam (medicated purgation therapy to flush out the toxins).

More than just massages, yoga

You will be kicking off those extra calories against a breath-taking backdrop. Based on the weight-loss plan worked out for you by doctors, you could be at any of the Niraamaya Retreats. You may start in a coastal town at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra in Kovalam, move to the backwaters at Niraamaya Retreat Backwaters & Beyond in Kumarakom and wrap it up in the lushly green Niraamaya Retreat Cardamom Club in Thekkady.

Hold on, the program is not all about just massages and yoga. It also packs in more than a dash of culinary discipline to improve metabolism. So, the menu is prepared by doctors but the chefs have tried hard to retain the zest and favours of the dishes, and not let it slump to the level of boring and bland hospital food.

Taking it a step further, chefs also organise a live demonstration of their cooking, where they rustle up healthy dishes from across India, ensuring you return with a notebook full of quick and easy healthy recipes.

After you usher in a healthy lifestyle at Niraamaya Retreats, it does not end there. It stays with you in the form of post-treatment follow-ups and ongoing progress checks with the doctor. And after six months or a year, you can always check in again for detoxification or rejuvenation to keep the toxic fat from invading your body. Or one could return to the wellness retreat just to dump stress at the gates of Niraamaya Retreat and enjoy the company of serenity to strike that perfect work-life balance.

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