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Functional Medicine: The holistic and natural approach to wellness

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When we are not at our best, the question we ask is, “what is making me ill?”. This is the approach taken by modern medicine. When we ask “Why am I ill?”, we begin to follow the functional approach.

Let us take another example. We are always told to look out for the particular symptoms of a specific disease. Have we ever paid attention to the cause of those symptoms? Modern medicine targets the symptoms but functional medicine addresses the root cause of the problem. Once that is addressed, the disease goes away due to the enhancement of overall health.

Functional medicine can also be described as mainstream medicine turned on its head. In simpler terms, it means that the diagnosis, physiology, and anatomy remains the same as mainstream medicine but without pharmaceuticals. The pills of functional medicine are a nutritious diet, change in lifestyle and environment, and supplements to fulfill the various deficiencies caused by aging. This holistic approach also includes some bio-analytical chemicals and hormones that are completely natural as they are extracted from plant-based sources.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach but a very personalized form of treatment that takes genomics into account — how genes affect our lifestyle, nutrition, and our mental attitude. It is something that restores the balance and harmony of our bio-regulatory systems — a network of integrated and interconnected systems that interact dynamically with each other like an orchestra. The gut acts as the conductor, and every other organ or physiological system is a part of it. Unlike modern medicine, functional treatment takes a holistic view of the body. If one thing goes wrong, the effect will be felt in other organs too. Just like in an orchestra, if one instrument is not in sync with others, the whole symphony can go wrong.

At Niraamaya, we believe in the functional way of treatment mixed with the age-old science of Ayurveda. Along with our wellness partners, Daivam, we will guide you on your wellness journey, while you unwind in nature.

Here is what awaits you at our exquisite, serene, rejuvenating, and opulent retreats:

Introductory Curative Wellness Programs
These programs follow a 360-degree approach focusing on the gradual elimination of chronic, lifestyle issues as well as increasing the healthspan of our guests. They include:

Immunity Rejuvenation Program

This program has been tailored by our functional medicine doctors taking into account the effect of natural therapies on human physiology as well as psychology, with a focus on restoring the balance of the human immune system. With the help of systematic detoxification, the right nutrition, mineral-rich intravenous therapies, and massages, this program works towards strengthening the immune system — the basis of all good health.
Our Immunity Rejuvenation Program is available for ages 18-75 years and comes in three variants — 7, 14, and 21 nights.

Mindfulness Program

Let us start with a fact. Mindfulness is a skill that needs to be learned and if you want to reach the pinnacle, you have to indulge in it every day. This art can be mastered only if you take a break and focus on every single moment, introspect your thoughts, sensations, feelings, and the overall environment you are a part of.

With our customized mindfulness program, apart from maintaining a balance between the mind, body, and soul, you will achieve the peace and lasting calm that everyone is looking for.

This program is available for all age groups for 3 and 5 nights.

Diabetes Program

According to the World Health Organization, 422 million people worldwide are diabetic! With such a colossal number of people in its grip, it is safe to call diabetes a global epidemic.

At Niraamaya, our 21-night Diabetes Program follows a functional approach that focuses on the root cause. Our all-natural, drug-free therapy will help you lead a happy, healthy, and peaceful life.

Stress Management and Rejuvenation Program

Stress is not something new. Niraamaya's Stress Management Program helps you to unwind at our exquisite and serene getaways that are nestled in the lap of nature. Our program is available for all age groups for 7, 15, and 21 nights.

Metabolic Obesity Program

Obesity is the root cause of many ailments including all cardio-metabolic ones. Often, we tend to take the shorter and easier route of indulging in weight loss tips and temporary diet plans that yield no results. Our program focuses on addressing the root causes of obesity by healing the body from within. This program is open for all age groups especially for people with a BMI of greater than 22 up to 45. The duration variants are 7, 15, and 21 nights.


Gut Restoration Program

Our gut is the epicenter of our mental and physical health as it is home to 70 percent of our good bacteria. It is obvious that if one has a dysfunctional gut it will directly impact the physiological as well as the cognitive abilities of the person.
Again, when we feel irritation in our gut, we pop some antacids and feel relaxed, temporarily avoiding the root cause that might be a leaky gut syndrome.

At Niraamaya, the Gut Restoration Program will rejuvenate your whole body while you lie in the lap of nature. This program caters to all age groups and can be availed for 7, 15, and 21 nights

Deep Detox Program

We are surrounded by toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. There is no doubt that the human body has incredible detoxification abilities however, with time those abilities wear-out as they are unable to process the heavy load of synthetic components that are a result of modern consumerism.

Niraamaya's Deep Detox Program enhances the body's ability to flush out toxins that accumulate over time and restore it to its original balance. We detoxify people of all ages and the program is available for 5, 7, 15, and 21 nights.

Aesthetics Program

When you bask in our serene, exquisite, opulent, and all-natural getaways, you realize the importance of aesthetics in life. Well, our customized and carefully curated Aesthetic Wellness Programs that include therapies that have withstood the test of time and the centuries-old Ayurvedic massages, is just the thing you need.

Niraamaya's Aesthetic Program will revive you to your best version while rejuvenating your skin inside out! All age groups can register for this 7-night program.

That is not all! We have a lot more to offer at our exquisite and serene spaces where you can watch the world rush by, as you unwind. Call us to know more about our wellness programs and therapies.
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