Healing Holidays for the Mind, Body and Spirit | Niraamaya

Healing Holidays for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Niraamaya Retreats has a growing list of niche luxury properties at some of the most unique and pristine destinations across the country. What sets it apart, though, are its bespoke immersive wellness programmes. At Niraamaya, every getaway is a chance to fine-tune and rejuvenate your senses.

Niraamaya Retreats is a unique convergence of fine hospitality and wellness. Niraamaya in Sanskrit roughly translates to—‘of being healthy and free from illness’. True to its name, the properties are more than just indulgent holiday destinations, and offer patrons holistic ways to unwind.

Wellness as its heart

The core ethos of the brand highlights health and wellness, and works on the understanding that every Niraamaya experience is designed to help seize the opportunity to disengage from the day-to-day and recharge you in ways you can’t imagine. The prescription to this essential rejuvenation—conscious focus on the four essential dimensions of health and wellness: Rest, Nourishment, Movement and Mindfulness—what is fondly referred to as the ‘Essence of Niraamaya’.

This fundamental philosophy focuses on creating an inside-out sensory and spiritual perspective of personal reconnection. Every Niraamaya experience is tailor-made to suit a guest’s lifestyle choices and preferences. Beyond a memory to cherish, the Niraamaya experience is focused on creating stimulating and inspiring touch points for guests, and through this process, building a long and sustained relationship with the brand.

The power of nature


Perhaps, there’s no better healer than Mother Nature. Just being amidst nature allows us to slow down, which is why most of the properties are set amidst breathtakingly bountiful landscapes. Each of these provide an ambience of solitude and silence, most conducive for healing and rejuvenation.

A sensorial journey to wellbeing


Prior to their arrival, guests are encouraged to engage with wellness experts to enable them to determine their objectives and help them design their rejuvenating holiday. Dr Arun Arvind, head of the multi-award winning Niraamaya Spa, explains, “Once they arrive, guests are asked to fill in a detailed form, which is then translated to a comprehensive personalised programme after taking chronic health issues into consideration.”

At the multi-award-winning Niraamaya Spa, a complete wellness program includes detox, cleansing treatments, Yoga and breathing exercises, meditation, use of herbal remedies along with massages and other holistic practices. The focus is on partnering with guests to align their lifestyle towards a balanced state of wellness and peace.

“While intense 7-to-21 day Ayurveda therapeutic wellness programmes are the most beneficial, guests can also enjoy short interventional Ayurvedic experiences lasting 3-to-5 days, focused on relaxation and rejuvenation. Our extensive wellness programmes are available at the Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, our flagship property at Kovalam, while our other retreats have shorter interventional Ayurvedic experiences, which are equally advantageous for our guests,” adds Dr Arvind.

With a combination of immersive experiences woven around rest, nourishment, movement and mindfulness, we are certain that our guests will head back home not only feeling revitalised, but also reconnected with nature and their true inner selves.