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Roar for Tigers: The world needs more species!

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The tiger, an apex predator, plays a crucial role in regulating the ecosystem. By keeping prey populations in check, tigers help maintain the balance of the food chain, which in turn has a cascading effect on the entire ecosystem. However, rampant poaching, habitat destruction, and human-wildlife conflicts have significantly reduced their numbers over the years. World Tiger Day serves as a reminder to raise awareness about these issues and take meaningful action.

How do we save the tiger?
At Niraamaya Retreats, our commitment to sustainable practices and wildlife protection is unwavering. We believe there is a human side to animal welfare. Preserving an endangered species is the responsibility of every individual, and we should help towards the preservation of tigers. Taking a moment to cherish the significance of preserving these majestic creatures, we are dedicated to implementing key actions that ensure their protection.

Protecting Kerala's Biodiversity
Located amidst a verdant coconut grove, our retreats stand as a testament to Kerala's rich heritage and culture. But beyond its cultural significance, the state is also home to lush forests and diverse ecosystems, providing a habitat for various creatures, including the endangered tigers. At Niraamaya, we recognize the significance of conserving this unique biodiversity, and our initiatives are geared towards maintaining a harmonious coexistence with nature.


Support for Responsible Tourism
We understand that the protection of tigers and their habitat is essential for a sustainable future. We have undertaken various initiatives to support tiger conservation and promote responsible tourism. Our retreats follow eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water management, to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Community Engagement
We actively engage with local communities to create awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation. By involving them in conservation efforts, we aim to foster a sense of responsibility and pride in safeguarding their natural heritage.

Wildlife Guarding: Our Commitment to Thekkady
Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club is living proof of our commitment to preserving tigers. Thekkady is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, abundant biodiversity, and the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Through active participation in efforts to preserve and the adoption of sustainable practices, we safeguard the diverse flora and fauna of Thekkady, including the majestic Indian tiger, ensuring the delicate balance of the ecosystem remains preserved.
On this World Tiger Day, Niraamaya Retreats reiterates its commitment to tiger conservation and the preservation of Kerala's biodiversity. By providing an immersive experience in nature's lap, we hope to inspire a deeper connection with wildlife and foster a sense of responsibility for its protection. Join us in our mission to secure a brighter future for tigers and the countless other species that rely on a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Together, let's roar for their survival and make a difference that will last for generations to come.