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Niraamaya Retreats Vaidekam Kannur

Kanul, Morazha (PO), Kannur, Kerala - 670562
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Step into the Art of Wellness: Where Tranquillity Knows No Bounds

Niraamaya Retreats Vaidekam is a green, eco-friendly sanctuary located in the stunning Malabar region of Kerala - Kannur. Our property is nestled within 14 acres of tranquil surroundings, offering guests a secluded and serene haven close to the Kuttikol River. The property features 35 rooms that are a perfect blend of contemporary design and old-world charm, providing a healing sanctuary for those seeking to reconnect with nature and their inner selves. Ensconced within the awe-inspiring scenery of Kannur, the property's thoughtful design and attention to detail create a harmonious and calm environment, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, indulge in authentic Ayurvedic treatments, and enjoy an array of wellness activities. Its eco-friendly ethos makes it an excellent choice for those seeking an environmentally sustainable retreat and a rejuvenating vacation.

Step into a realm of unparalleled tranquillity at Niraamaya Vaidekam, where the art of wellness transcends ordinary boundaries. Nestled on the banks of a meandering river, this haven of serenity elevates the concept of well-being to new heights, immersing you in a captivating narrative of rejuvenation and renewal. Within its gentle embrace, guests will find solace, transformation, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let the healing power of nature be the guide towards a state of profound well-being, where harmony reigns and the boundaries of possibility are redefined.


Kannur River during blue hour

Kannur, a picturesque city in the northern part of Kerala, boasts breathtaking beaches, cultural landmarks, and historical significance. North Kerala, as a destination, offers a perfect amalgamation of natural beauty, traditional culture, and modern settings, attracting globetrotters from all corners of the world. Kannur is also known for its rich cultural heritage, and visitors can witness the region's unique art forms like Theyyam, Poorakkali, and Kalaripayattu, which are intrinsic to the region's identity.

Best accommodation at Kannur

Within the sanctuary of Niraamaya Vaidekam's elegant accommodations, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to create an oasis of unparalleled luxury. A seamless fusion of contemporary comforts and timeless allure, each space exudes an understated elegance that instantly transports you to a bygone era. 

Room with twin beds - Niraamaya Retreats Vaidekam Kannur


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Experience the healing power of Ayurveda as you explore traditional treatments administered in their purest form, within a modern setting. At the Niraamaya Vaidekam, we invite you to reconnect with nature and your inner self and embark on a journey of holistic wellness. Our sustainable green sanctuary promises to be a haven for those seeking an authentic healing experience in the birthplace of Ayurveda.


Welcome to Kannur, where extraordinary moments are crafted and cherished! Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of this region, our retreat is a haven of serenity and adventure, offering a tapestry of unforgettable experiences to our guests. Prepare to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage, explore the untamed wilderness, indulge in delectable cuisine, and forge lifelong memories. At Kannur, your journey begins with an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.