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Relax and Rejuve Program: Energising the Life-Force within You the Ayurvedic Way at Niraamaya Wellness Retreats


Rasayana is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy, which translates to mean ‘path of the essence’ in Sanskrit. It works to de-block points of Pranic-Nadis and Marmas in your body to allow a free flow of Prana (life-giving force), which could have diminished due to a hectic or a stressful life.

Every once in a while your body signals you to slow down and if you don’t heed to it, it can have disastrous effects on your health. This is where Ayurveda goes beyond treating just ailments. This medical science attempts, through some of its therapy, to prevent a medical condition to set in much before it manifests itself fully.

Answer your Body’s Call

Niraamaya Wellness Retreat’s Rasayana – Relax and Rejuve Program is one such therapy. It’s meant to relax you to wash off all ill-effects of a hectic and stressful life, build up your immunity and rejuvenate you. And you are then set to go back into that pressure-cooker world.

Rasayana is a combination of two Sanskrit words — Rasa (essence) + Ayana (path) — or the ‘path of the essence’. This therapy envelope a lifestyle, which includes Ayurveda treatment, yoga, meditation and a balanced diet as per your body constitution, to promote longevity. It is also believed to be the secret of our ancient sages’ long life.


At Niraamaya’s Wellness Retreats at Kovalam, Kumarakom and Thekaddy, this Ayurvedic package has been designed for varied durations of two, three, five, seven, 14, 21 and 28 days. Dr Aleena Simon, the Ayurvedic physician at Niraamaya’s retreats, believes a longer period Rasayana therapy is more effective is tackling stress-related physical problems. However, for someone with lesser physical issues, a two-day program could also help in rejuvenation.

She says Rasayana treatment or therapy for each guest at the wellness retreat differs based on the analysis of Ayurvedic physicians. That’s one of the first things done upon your arrival at Niraamaya’s retreats. After a thorough consultation with the doctor — where you reveal everything about your health and if you have your medical reports you furnish them — you are ready to start your therapy.

Allowing Life-Energy to Flow Freely


To understand the process of this Indian alchemy, we must first know how Rasayana works. In this Ayurvedic therapy, the points of Pranic-Nadis and Marma are activated to rejuvenate parts of the body through various treatments. This is done through yoga, massaging, medication, diet and meditation. It could be all of them or a combination of a few of them.

Rasayana revolves around Pranamaya Kosha — the vital body sustaining the physical body through Prana (life-giving force or energy). This Pranamaya Kosha or the energy sheath is the second of five layers that function as the bridge between the body and mind. Nadis are the path through which Prana flows and various points of Marmas and Chakras control its flow within the five koshas in a body.

Ayurveda or yoga works on the basic premise that disease or dysfunction of the human body is manifested when the flow of Prana is diminished from a specific part to the Pranic body. Therefore, Ayurveda relies on de-blocking paths/channels of Prana to improve its flow for rejuvenation or revitalization of the parts affected by the disease.

Rasayana, one of the branches of Ayurveda, is a therapy aimed at reversing ageing or protecting the body against it. It does this by building up the body’s ability to fight pathogens through the use of herbs containing antioxidants, which guard against the damages caused by free radicals. And this sets the engine of biological age to start working backward to give you a youthful and healthy look.

Revving Up the Engine

Simon says Niraamaya works on every part of this engine. From yoga to massaging, meditation, diet and creating an environment that helps guests relax and come out healed from damages done from a stressful life. According to Simon, Niraamaya’s Relax and Rejuve program, based on Rasayana, includes a 90-minute Ayurveda therapy and 60-minute yoga daily.

“In this program (Relax and Rejuve), you will be given a consultation with doctors upon arrival. Then you will have 90-minutes of Ayurveda therapy, which is prepared after consultancy. You will also have yoga for 60 minutes daily. So, it will either be yoga or Ayurveda therapy for certain or both, based on doctor’s consultation,” she said. The Niraamaya physician, who came aboard late last year, says the Ayurveda and Yoga may not necessarily follow each other; “If you want yoga in the morning and treatment in the late afternoon, it is possible”.

Herbal medicines and oils are decided by doctors and a diet regime is also prescribed for the overall revitalization of energies within Pranamaya Kosha. Abstinence from alcohol, spices and certain food items may also be rolled into the therapy after going through the medical history of the guest. “Both, your body and mind, will be relaxed; that is the aim of our Rasayana program,” quips Simon.

Don’t Let Health Fray Again

So, in the midst of your zipping around the daily grind, it would not be a bad idea to ease your pace a bit and check into one of the boutique wellness retreats of Niraamaya for Rasayana therapy and emerge revitalized. After all, there must be something in this traditional therapy for our sages to have glorified it in our scriptures. And if you feel your health fraying again due to reduced Prana flow in your Nadis, go back to Rasayana to remove blockages at various points of Marmas or chakras to allow the free flow of energy.

Take the Rasayana package at one of the Niraamaya Retreats and the award-winning Niraamaya Spa at Kovalam.

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