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Express yourself via the Art of Journaling

Thoughts hold the key to further understanding your inner self. They guide your actions and dictate your mood. A fleeting thought of a positive memory leaves you feeling happy, while a lingering thought of a negative memory gets you visibly frustrated. Consistently conflicting thoughts and resulting mood swings can lead to depression, anxiety, and impact your physical well being.

Have you felt burdened by convoluted thoughts that simply drain your energy?

Meditation and yoga help calm the mind, but journaling gives you the freedom to express yourself.

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What is journaling?

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Journaling is an art form, a method of communicating with yourself. Anyone can start a journal, and there are no creative prerequisites.

You can make a note of things you are grateful for, write about your ideal vacation plans, doodle based on past memories, set your task list, and scribble down just about anything under the sun.

How to start journaling?

Take your time and start slow. Whether you are a beginner or someone who’s had practice, understand that journaling is a routine, not a one-time activity. The idea of expressing yourself so authentically can be overwhelming at times, leaving you completely blank. While this is only natural, it can be overcome when you just go with your flow of thoughts. When starting out, remember that the reason you want to journal is more important than how you journal. 

Set aside a dedicated time to sit by yourself devoid of any distractions.

Begin your morning or end your evening with a journal entry. This helps you develop your skills, forming a habit. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with tracking your daily activities, and how you felt over the course of the day.

There are different formats when it comes to maintaining a journal. You could choose from -
  • Bullet Journal
  • Art Journal
  • Dream Journal
  • Scrapbook
The joy of journaling is spiritually uplifting and emotionally liberating. As you begin to journal, you will develop a signature style of expression as unique as you are.

Benefits of Journaling

  • Keeps you organized

  • Improves physical and psychological health

  • Boosts productivity

  • Builds better communication skills

  • Helps improve memory

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Journaling can also serve as a blueprint of sorts, to help you understand how to best cope with work or life in general. When journaling becomes a part of your routine, you experience clarity in your thought, helping you stay positive. According to a study conducted by Cambridge University, 15–20 minutes of journaling everyday improves physical and psychological health.

The art of journaling opens up a window of limitless possibilities. We at Niraamaya value your wellness and possess deep regard for your mental wellbeing. Visit to discover our range of ayurvedic detox and stress management therapies.