Boost your post-COVID recovery with Niraamaya Retreats

Boost your post-COVID recovery with Niraamaya


Niraamaya Retreats — an exclusive selection of private spaces set in the country’s most stunning locales — is all about your holistic wellbeing. Each property is designed with your comfort as top priority and offers a range of wellness therapies that revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

This complete focus on the wellness of course meant that in the last year, as the world was gripped by a health crisis unlike any other, we had to do our bit. Following strict safety protocols was, of course, a given. As the pandemic raged on, we tightened our hygiene measures, ensuring strict social distancing and usage of masks. Our guests followed quarantine rules while our operations went contactless where possible.

But we wanted to do more. We wanted to give those who recovered from this virus a chance to rejuvenate their bodies and minds, considering that symptoms often last even after a patient tests negative. People with comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung issues, coronary disease, kidney disease, and current or remitted cancers are most likely to fall prey to this ‘Post Acute

COVID Syndrome

These individuals may continue to suffer from fatigue, body aches, and breathing issues, while also dealing with the psychological fallout of the illness. Our goal was to help them recover completely — and to give them the support they needed to come out stronger on the other side.

That’s why we designed our special Post-COVID Program — a thoughtfully crafted treatment which includes both clinical and wellness aspects, with each one contributing to our guests’ overall health.

The program lasts 21 nights and offers, among other things, a one-to-one consultation with a physician alongside breakfast, lunch, and dinner as prescribed by a doctor. We conduct a thorough health assessment, evaluate current symptoms, and map the same to pathophysiology in order to best manage the syndrome. Other inclusions to benefit from encompass IV Nutrition Therapy, Far Infra-red sessions, Functional Testing, HBOT sessions,and so much more.

Reap the benefits of a specially curated meal plan

We have always been committed to the wellbeing of our guests, and continue to remain so. And in these uncertain times, it gives us immense joy to be able to make a difference in peoples’ lives, the Niraamaya way.


Consult expert doctors who will advise on the right course of treatment

Join us at our Niraamaya retreats for a refreshing wellness break that is steeped in luxury. Our holistic health and wellness experts are on hand for a personalized consultation that includes tailor-made treatments, diets, and therapies.

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