Niraamaya Retreats: A unique blend of luxury hospitality

Niraamaya Retreats: A unique blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness

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Winner of ‘India’s Best Wellness Retreat 2018’ Award at World Spa Awards several times over, including in 2018, Niraamaya Retreats’ bouquet of boutique properties is an inspiring blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness. In Sanskrit, ‘Niraamaya’ translates to mean ‘being free from illness’ and its various retreats, located in scenic locations, live up to this moniker.

Why Wellness?


 A new study, Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2018, by Miami-based Global Wellness Institutereveals that the wellness industry is growing at a historic rate: nearly twice as fast as the global economy. Today, it has a market share of $4.2 trillion, with a 6.5% per annum growth year-on-year. Of these, complementary and alternative medicine accounts for 65% of the market.

India has a heritage of a natural healing system based on Ayurveda, with its origin in the Vedic culture. Rapid transformations have left people struggling with a host of lifestyle diseases: stress, obesity, digestive ailments, many of which can be prevented, and treated, by a shift in focus. The healing nature of Yoga and Ayurveda, including a diet that complements body composition (based on the three doshas—vata, pita and kapha) helps deal with lifestyle illnesses in a more holistic manner.

A Jupiter Capital venture, Niraamaya Retreats offer integrated therapies, perfected over centuries, through a series of short and long stay intervention programmes that marry yoga, spa therapies and Ayurveda-based diet. While the intense 7-to-21 days wellness programmes are considered the most beneficial, guests short on time can also experience the healing nature of our therapies—focused on relaxation and rejuvenation—over three to five days. At our retreats across India, we have a team of trained experts, healers and yoga practitioners backed by years of experience.

The core ethos of the brand works on the understanding that every Niraamaya experience is designed around four essential dimensions wellness: Rest, Nourishment, Movement and Mindfulness - what we refer to as the ‘Essence of Niraamaya’.


Bespoke Wellness

Niraamaya Retreats do not approach wellness with a ‘one glove fits all’ principle. The programmes are ‘made-to-measure’ immersions that combine diet routines, wellness sessions and traditional Ayurvedic therapies in destinations that are swathed in verdant greenery and solitude.

The sessions at the multi-award winning Niraamaya Spa across all retreats are rooted in detox, cleansing treatments, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, massages, sound therapy and a diet that marries recommendations made by experts with interesting meals designed by our chefs. The Mindfulness Coaching programs focus on ‘Mindful Living’ sessions which help prepare participants to deal with the stresses that will inevitably come their way, and live in the present moment.  The curated ‘Niraamaya Springs’ program integrates ‘Mindful Living’ sessions with Reiki healing and Yoga Nidra–practices aimed at balancing energy channels. The retreats also offers ‘Niraamaya Moments’–a set ofcomplimentary short wellness capsules focussed on emotional wellbeing.

Technology meets Wellness

At Niraamaya Retreats, bringing technology and tradition together on a single platform is our recently launched app, AyuRythm. A few days before check-in, guests are sent a link to the app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS systems. They are requested to place their index finger on the mobile camera a few times every day and capture the impressions. The captured impressions are analyzed by Niraamaya Spa experts and doctors on several health parameters. Emerging patterns help them identify the root cause of an ailment and offer effective solutions.


Unparalleled Destinations

The retreats—an embodiment of wellness and luxury—are located in unsullied destinations, close to nature. A stay at one of the idyllic retreats offers a sensory experience comprising wellness, luxury, gourmet cuisine, and heritage and cultural experiences within the destination.

Craftsmanship and the destination’s architectural heritage infuse the design palette of the plush retreats. Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam, is perched on a cliff above the Arabian Sea, with sweeping views of crescent-shaped beaches. The historic cottages, designed using traditional architectural elements of Tharavadu (ancestral homes) of Kerala, have been immaculately restored to maximise panoramic sea views.