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Ayurveda: When all you have are three days (or five)!


Not all Ayurvedic wellness programmes are long-haul or stretch over a few weeks. Niraamaya Retreat’s Short Intervention Programmes help put guests on a journey of wellness, holistic healing, and discovering the joys of this ancient healing and prevention system.

Not everyone has the luxury of spending over three or four weeks at a retreat, on long-haul healing programmes. Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to spend weeks tucked away in the healing environment of a wellness haven, often all you need are a few days of intervention, rest and rejuvenation, combined with therapies and massages to ensure that at the end of the programme, you find yourself rejuvenated and revitalised.


Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system, has the ability to transform you even via short programmes, reinstating the dynamic state of balance between mind, body and spirit. Niraamaya Retreats Short Interventional Programmes help achieve such goals by tailoring a blend of Ayurveda, yoga and diet. These bespoke programmes are perfect for achieving immediate health goals, such as losing weight, detox, dealing with stress and ageing gracefully. They don’t require you to spend weeks at one of their retreats. Instead, in a matter of a few days, they help set you on to the right path of healing and detoxification.

Dr. Arun, Niraamaya Retreats spa director, says, “At Niraamaya Retreats, we create immersive programmes that look at a guest’s immediate concerns. Have they put on too much weight, or do they need to detoxify (for example)? Depending on the goal, we create individual programmes that take into account your body type, doshas and lifestyle.” These programmes combine personalised wellness sessions with traditional Ayurvedic therapies.

Several of Niraamaya Retreats properties are located in serene, secluded destinations, surrounded by lush green and naturally beautiful surroundings, where a blend of highly personalised wellness programmes and the healing touch of nature put vigour back into people’s life. The aim of Short Interventional Programmes is to revitalise and rejuvenate.

“It isn’t always necessary that you give several weeks to an Ayurvedic retreat. Often, people come with issues that arise out of stressful lifestyles in urban areas,” says Dr. Arun. Instead, use the getaways at Niramaaya Retreats properties to start your wellness journey and understand Ayurveda and its ability to transform lives.


These Short Interventional Programmes help guests to disengage from everyday life and spend quality time in an ambience that inspires, motivates and soothes frayed nerves. Often weight gain or stress is caused by hormonal imbalance, which in turn is the result of a stressful lifestyle and losing sight of your own fitness goals.

At Niramaaya Retreats, guests are encouraged to rest, rejuvenate, nourish their bodies with the right kind of nutritious food and practice mindfulness, or living in the moment. “Short Interventional Programmes help to introduce guests to ‘The Essence of Niraamaya’,” says Dr. Arun. “Through Short Interventional Programmes we introduce concepts of healing and wellness so that they become part of a guest’s life, even when he or she has left the retreat.”

Every Niraamaya guest is handheld through a process focused on maximising the wellness experience. Prior to their arrival, guests answer questions and engage with wellness experts. “We help guests make small changes in their day-to-day routine so that it translates into long-term wellness goals,” adds Dr. Arun.

The programmes are a blend of detox therapies, cleansing treatments, Yoga and breathing exercises, meditation, use of herbal remedies along with massages and other holistic practices. The ‘Health and Sustainable Weight Management Programme’ is a three or five-night program that helps guest re-programme their body fat metabolism to reverse the effects of an unhealthy diet.

The De-stress and Revitalise programme includes several massages — from Aromaya to foot reflexology and head massage, while the interesting ‘Healthy Ageing’ programme embraces a whole host of therapies and massages that helps you age a lot more gracefully and slow down the devastation caused by this natural process. “Therapies such as Mayomaya, wraps with Champaca (a large evergreen tree) and Mukhalepam, a therapy in which a medicated paste — made by blending medicinal plants, oil, ghee, juices of herbal plants and fruits — is applied on the face and left for a while. It helps in tightening the skin and detoxifying it.

“For each of these Short Interventional Programmes we work with the guests to align their lifestyle towards a balanced well-being and a state of wellness and peace,” says Dr. Arun.

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