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Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama

Wellness moment meditation

Embrace every moment of the day! Whether it's sunrise or sunset, find your inner Zen with Yoga and Meditation sessions in picturesque locations - by the lush forests, near cascading waterfalls, or on the river banks. Achieve a harmonious balance of mind, body, and soul in private or group sessions led by expert instructors.

Greet the day with a series of sun salutations, to build strength and increase flexibility. Focusing on the awareness of mind, body and spirit, the poses warm up and recharge the body.

This is the practice of restorative yoga stretches, combined with breathing and relaxation techniques - conducted in the evening.

Our instructors introduce you to basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. This slow-paced class increases coordination, strength and flexibility.

Unwind and align with the ultimate mind-body experience! Our unique blend of yoga postures and relaxation techniques merges seamlessly with the power of meditation to sharpen your focus and ground you in the present moment.

Experience the transformative power of gentle movement and intentional breathing with our healing meditative practice. Slow down and unwind as you engage in soothing stretches and relaxation techniques, allowing a deep sense of peace to wash over you and calm your spirit.

Yoga at kovalam

Program Duration

  • Basic: 3 nights
  • Intermediate: 5, 7 nights
  • Advanced: 14 nights

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