Nature Walk or Border Hiking


A plethora of animals and birds await. On a nature walk through the sanctuary.The extremely adventurous could opt for a 6 hour trek or even brave the wildlife at night !

Enquire about the Night Patrol through the edge of the Sanctuary with Jungle Scouts Partake in this three-hour trek and you are not only taken on night patrols across the fringe zones of the Tiger Reserve, but you are also helping to protect the forests of Periyar. And while on your hike, make sure to listen carefully and keep your eyes peeled to spot one of the many forest avians. Whether it is the distinct calls of the Jungle Babbler or the prehistoric whooping sound of the Malabar Pied Hornbill, the birds of Thekkady will leave you enchanted.

  • 3 hrs nature Walk
  • 6 hrs Border Trek with 1 ½ hrs rafting
  • Night patrol depending on Season

Please note that only limited persons are allowed in daily, so advance booking is recommended.

We highly recommend that you order a Niraamaya Signature picnic backpack for the day trip

Please contact our Retreat Team to facilitate your booking, or better still request online. Transfers will be charged extra.