Bird Watching Trek up Mount Miracle | Niraamaya Retreats

Bird Watching Trek up Mount Miracle


The environs of Niraamaya Retreat include our coffee and cardamom estate that sprawls right upto the Periyar Tiger Sanctuary Border.

Our eager team will accompany on this 4 km trek to the top. For the inspired choose to do this trek at dawn and watch sunrise at the ‘heavens gateway’ from Mount Miracle.

This walk is a great opportunity to catch local wildlife such as the Gaur or ‘Indian Bison’ and various species of deer.

The highlight is looking out for the diversity of birds that team this area. White bellied treepies, Rufous woodpeckers. Better still listen for the songbirds like the Waynad laughing thrush, and the melancholic tune of the ‘Whistling Schoolboy’, the endemic Malabar whistling thrush.

While Malabar grey hornbills are easily spotted the ‘steam locomotive’ sound of a flying Great pied hornbill or the Malabar pied hornbill will remain embedded in your memory. Spotting these majestically casqued rare Hornbills could make your vacation unforgettable.
Our team could put together a small picnic backpack for you if you wish to linger longer in nature.