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Explore Kohima

Dzükou Valley main

Dzükou Valley

This mesmerizing valley is known for its serene environment and seasonal flowers. Dzükou lily is the most famous among all the beautiful flowers in this valley. Many people go for a hike along the valley and get to experience a beautiful trek and enjoy the beautiful view of this valley.

Shilloi lake Phek Nagaland

Shilloi Lake

This picturesque lake in the shape of a human foot is surrounded by magnificent hills making this one of the best places to visit in Kohima. The locals believe that a spirit of the holy child resides at the bottom and this is why they don't use the water of this lake for any purpose.

Kohima Heritage Vilage

Kohima Museum

Built with an aim to introduce tourists to the rich culture and tradition of the 16 tribal groups of Nagaland, the Kohima Museum takes visitors on an enriching tribal experience. The museum is located in Upper Bayavu Hills and displays gateposts, endemic regional animals and birds, statues, jewellery items and pillars. The museum also houses life-size models that depict the costumes, weapons and jewellery worn by the people of Nagaland.

wild buffalo

Kohima Zoo

Kohima Zoo houses wild buffalo and a rare Tragopan bird. We can also find golden langurs along with other animals. They have created a play area for kids where they get to know facts about animals.