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Niraamaya in Sanskrit means a sense of well-being. From Healing Therapies to Yoga and Mindful Living to Meditation, Niraamaya Wellness offers a journey of revitalizing the mind, body and soul, thus creating small moments for self-reflection and realization.

Every Niraamaya guest is handheld by our team of wellness experts to create bespoke wellness immersions that combine personalized wellness sessions, traditional Ayurvedic therapies, healthy movement, and focused diet routines.

Niraamaya Spa: Balancing the Body, Mind & Spirit

At our multi-award-winning spa, the focus is to deliver holistic experiences that are both unique and memorable. Across our retreats, we integrate therapies rooted in traditional Indian wellness with a global influence that is created in harmony with nature.

Wellness Packages - Our Ayurvedic Retreats offers Holistic Wellness Packages Tailor-Made for You

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Yoga is the ancient Indian philosophy of life as well as a system of exercises that encourages the union of body, mind, and spirit.

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Being in a mindful state, even momentarily, sets the environment for a greater sense of well-being. Mindful Living at Niraamaya allows our guests to not only feel rested and rejuvenated but transformed internally. 

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We at Niraamaya truly believe in the medical approach of understanding the bigger picture, asking ‘Why’ instead of ‘What’. 

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Our retreats with wellness expertise aim to not only provide you with the best hospitality to unwind but also offer tailor-made Ayurvedic treatments by eminent professionals.

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