Immunity Rejuvenation Program

Immunity Booster

The Immunity Rejuvenation Program has been designed by a team of our functional medicine doctors in such a way that it interweaves aspects of science-backed natural therapies, their effects on the human physiology, as well as the role of psychology and mindfulness practices amalgamating to balance one common factor: the human immune system. The combination effects of each of these therapies are far more advanced than any of them done in isolation. When working towards a domain like that of building immunity, a number of bodily functions need to be factored in, all of which, this program covers.

Whether it means enhancing gut health (70% of our immunity resides in the gut!) through systematic detoxification, the right nutrition and supplementation, as well as the inclusion of specialized probiotics, or through vitamin and mineral-rich intravenous therapies and targeted massages, PEMF and mindfulness sessions coupled with yoga and breath-work, this program is a journey  towards promoting the fundamental basis of all good health: a healthy immune system.”

Program Duration: 7, 14 and 21 Nights

Inclusion Criteria: 18-75 years

Exclusion Criteria:

People with the following Chronic conditions

  • Cancer stage III or beyond
  • Post organ transplant (kidney, liver, heart) cases

Immune Boosting Herbals And Botanicals:
Fitmmune | Flu Tea | Serenity | InflamEnd | Nat AO | Virahalt Capsules | Immu Tea | Brain Activ | Equanimity |Tranquili Tea | Essentiality

Note:The program also includes the supply of Immune Balancing Supplementation.

7 Nights15 Nights21 Nights
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