AyurRythm App Presented by Niraamaya

Body Purification And Detoxification Program Neeramaya Retreats Surya Samudra Kovalam Resort

Niraamaya Retreats' new mobile-based app has intricately blended technology and ancient healing and wellness into one system to diagnose the underlying reasons for prevailing ailments. The app suggests solutions to prevent diseases based on body constitutions.

The convergence of technology and traditional healing systems has found resonance among millennials, who use a wide variety of apps to measure health indicators and monitor their fitness levels. Health apps are so ubiquitous that they may be replacing the by-now familiar conventional methods of monitoring health, which tend to focus on disease detection and management, instead of the more contemporary and functional ways of ‘disease prevention’.

Niraamaya Retreats, India’s leading hospitality group that offers integrated wellness and healing programs, weighs in favor of ‘disease prevention’ through its various Ayurveda and yoga-led programs and retreats. Taking a step further towards the attempt to offer integrated diagnosis and wellness programs, Niraamaya Retreats launches AyuRythm, an app that helps monitor an individual’s health indicators and seeks underlying causes of a disease or an ailment.