A fast-paced approach to life leaves our minds exhausted. While many believe overthinking is the buzz killer, the issue lies in embracing what’s right in front of us and choosing what’s important at the very moment. The skill of mindfulness can be learned and in order to excel, it needs to be trained daily much like a muscle. The art of mindfulness can be mastered by focusing on every single moment with full intention and awareness, assessing thoughts, physical sensations, feelings, and the environment we are in.

With Niraamaya’s customized Mindfulness Program, we help you achieve a balance between Mind, Body, and Soul to help you find peace, achieve lasting calmness and contentment that each one of us is searching for.

Our team at Niraamaya helps you achieve higher levels of mindfulness that enhance the quality of your day-to-day life.

Program Duration: 3 and 5 Nights


Inclusion Criteria: All age groups 
This program is valid for a minimum of 5 people.

Program Benefits:

  • Developing peace and silence in the mind 
  • Deep understanding of the spiritual evolution of humanity and current events 
  • De-stressing mind, emotions, and body
  • Detoxing mind, emotions, and body
  • Developing awareness of higher levels of consciousness
  • Learning about chakras, meridians, energy pathways
  • Utilizing the power of Vedic mantras and symbolism
  • Introduction to the science of mudras, visualization, and colors
  • Application of music to healing and regeneration 
  • Advanced techniques of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control)