Tea Factory Visit


India is the largest producer and exporter of the World’s favourite brew. Take a trip to neighbouring Vandiperiyar town and visit a working estate and factory that was established in 1941.

The Plantation has beautiful valley and hill views framed by lush green tea bushes. The 700 acre estate exudes a pleasant aroma as the fresh leaves and buds are plucked, gathered and sent to the factory for processing.

At the factory you will learn how leaves are dried on metal beds, shredded on a conveyor and then crushed into powder. This tea powder is then left to ferment which brings about the characteristic smell, colour and flavor.

A quick heating arrests the fermentation and the factory is ready to provide 1.2 million cups of tea to the world everyday!!

Please note that only limited persons are allowed in daily, so advance booking is recommended. Please contact our Retreat Team to facilitate a booking, or better still request online. Transfers will be charged extra.

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