Kumily Cultural Immersion


A short ride from the Retreat is bustling Kumily bazaar; here the Mudra Cultural Centre helps preserve two vibrant forms of Kerala’s arts


Kathakali is a dance drama based on the Ramayana. Originating in the 17th century it features brightly coloured face paint and elaborate headdresses. In Kathakali, the story is enacted purely by the movements of the hands (called mudras or hand gestures) and by facial expressions (rasas) and bodily movements. While originally these were dusk to dawn extravaganzas the Mudra Cultural centre organizes a one hour glimpse of this rich performance. Try and go early and watch the Artists put on their make up and learn how the facial colour depicts the nature of the actor in the play that follows.


‘Legend tells of a legendary warrior’…Everyone has heard of Kung fu, but few have heard of Sage Parasurama who founded Kalaripayattu the 'mother of all martial arts’. While a Buddhist monk took it to Shaolin in China, Kalari started to go extinct in Kerala with the advent of the gun. Recent years have seen a revival in this martial art form.

It draws inspiration from the power and strength of various animal forms and uses unique weapons and daggers. At the Mudra Culutral centre kalari is preserved and daily shows are organized to keep public interest in this ancient art form.

Kathakali : 7 pm to 8 pm

Kalaripayattu : 6 pm to 7 pm

Please Speak to our Resort Team or request online to facilitate purchase of tickets for these shows. Transfers will be charged extra.

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